My parents bought me my first camera, way way back in the mists of time. It was a little Kodak Instamatic 33 film camera.  It had three settings - sunny, not sunny, and flash.  Things were much simpler back then! 


I've always had a camera (or cameras) since then, and I was an early adopter of the early digital cameras when they first started to appear in the late 1990s. I know that by 2001 I was using a Kodak DX3600, because the metadata is still recognised by Adobe Lightroom when I look back at my images from that year, but I have a whole year of images from 2000, where the metadata does not reveal the camera they were taken with!

Today I shoot mainly with a Nikon D800 and a Fuji X-T3. 

Previously I’ve owned various Nikons including the D700, D90, D3S, D70, D60, and D40. I bought into the Fuji system thinking it would perhaps replace the much larger and heavier Nikon DSLR, but find myself continuing to use both, with the Fuji's main advantage being its portability.  Prior to the Fuji X-T3 I owned the X-T2 and prior to that the X-T10 and (briefly) the X100.

I’ve found the Fuji X-series to be a fantastic system for travel - I still love my Nikon though!

I love shooting landscapes and the beautiful Donegal landscape in particular.